Do you think that your hate speech is cute? What next a

I sure it doesn If you go and look at some of those early films you be absolutely sure that that not the case. No, I really have to work. Theory of Everything is a good example. Something being more highly demanded doesn devalue the time investment you asking someone to provide you, or make it reasonable to offer such an insulting form of compensation.I had no intention of asking someone to do something for free, and I don have much to offer, so I offering up what I can. I could have worded it more playfully, or added some fluff, but I didn My post is concise and to the point.We are going to need a mod that can be linked when every third post on Thursday is either asking how to link with friends, explaining how to link with friends, asking Capcom to address the problem we know they won or just bluntly stating how terrible the system is.While phrased poorly, the extra stipulation you referring to is not the responsibility of the modder in question, it was more along the lines of “assuming we can mod things like this in the first place without getting banned.”I apologize to anyone who feels the way you do, for it was not my intention to insult anyone hard work.I was mentioning to a long time MH fan who waited for PC release that the system is majorly flawed, and he said “yeah but mods” so I figured I see if I could kick start something that was going to happen eventually anyway.What makes you so confident that the game will “rather large and original in content?” I tend to agree that it will be, but i cant be sure given that currently 3 4 of their characters are fairly unoriginal (in gameplay not art, art is great) and thier immediate roadmap presents ample opportunity to continue being unoriginal with a floaty, a boxer, and a djc character coming soon?Assuming you are right that the game will have that original content eventually, is that a justification for the content that is not? how much un original content is ok? I personally think it was kinda ballsy to have such close copies of characters in the game under the veil of familiarity.tmrxwoot 3 points submitted 20 days agoAs someone 100% on the side of “Icons needs to improve in every way Robbie says”, I do want to point out that WDG has taken the duo and zoner archetypes and created entirely original characters. Weishan is a bit of Ike but mostly original.I also think that making a few characters that closely resemble Melee characters was a good start, but they missed the mark with kidd.

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