At that moment I was deeply envious of him and his life

Sellers’ voice cracks when she talks about the murder of the preacher’s wife. She considered Ramona Nichols her best friend. Ramona and her husband breathed life into this community, Sellers says. When you looked at it, did you notice anything amiss? Look closely. You probably don’t see anything, right? But, there is something wrong with the picture. Go back.

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cheap moncler jackets He was thankful for his friends, his family, his fiance, all of his good fortune, in a position where most people would feel shit sorry for themselves. And while I sitting there having a beer with him, I realized that although I probably made literally 10x what he made (before being laid off) and on paper I was probably really successful compared to him, I would have traded everything to be him at that moment. At that moment I was deeply envious of him and his life.. cheap moncler jackets

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