Tackling Support Champions has been quite challenging

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canada goose deals If you look at the Eureka Explorers Discord channel for Pagos it much more lively than it was in the first weeks of Anemos as a result. Yoshi P says here that there may still be things that haven been figured out in regards to NMs, bunnies, canada goose sale uk and mutations.As you mentioned, players seem to have given up when they encountered the first bouts of misinformation at the launch of Pagos. I still see people thinking 200exp per kill is the norm for mob grinding when you can easily get 3 5k per kill, or that getting chain 30 on mobs 5 levels above your own is more effective than multiple chain 10s of mobs 6 levels above, or that the bunny FATEs are pointless. canada goose deals

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canada goose coats Lethality needed to be increased as players need to be eliminated at a certain pace throughout the canada goose outlet in toronto course of a match. This meant that we had to balance out defensive mechanics, in particular healing, shields, and crowd control. Tackling Support Champions has been quite challenging, as their role is to prolong and defend themselves and their allies.Exact details on these changes will be explained in more detail in a future Dev Update. canada goose coats

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